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The Addict

The Addict

When we attach ourselves strongly to something, then it makes us unable to leave that thing. But the problem starts when that addiction makes us so weak, unhealthy, and it becomes our world. Many people made their mind like that they can’t live without those habits. I am not talking about anyone single bad habit, according to me; any thought which is disturbing you mentally every day is also a bad habit.

Yesterday, I was reading Harvard Medical school article which explains ‘How addiction hijacks the brain’. There mentioned, in 1930’s researchers found the cause for addiction was a lack of will power in people. But today we see addiction as a chronic disease that changes both brain structure and function. 
How can anybody overcome this?
It is possible only when we can take strong decisions. Bad habits are not part of us rather they are just part of our mind. When we think like this then it is not difficult to remove these habits. 
Kids don’t know what they are doing, and they don’t know even what is good and bad. It is similar to our mind as well and our mind behaves like a kid every minute. It is always attracted to short time pleasure. So, don’t be a slave to your mind, because this will not end here and it will always try to go to the next level every day. I know it is not possible suddenly. If you feel, you are addicted to something then try to give at least half of that time to a healthy routine. The main reason for bad habits is our bad routine.

What is the best routine?
Well, you can think of the work which will make you healthy and happy. An early morning walk is a good routine so that you will see the beauty of nature and you will meet some wonderful peoples as well. Early morning walk makes us peaceful which is needed for a healthy and happy life. Like this Swimming, Cycling, Gym, Yoga, Sports, and your hobbies are the other things which you can use your free time. Following the same routine makes you bore, so make use of your free time involving in different activities. Keep yourself busy in a healthy routine. Our mind always attracted to new things and change is that attraction. 
When our day is peaceful then our sleep will be blissful. But remember, sleep maybe rest for the body but not for the mind. Our busy life is full of tension and stress because we will never give rest to our minds. At least, daily ten minutes meditation will give us a peaceful mind which keeps us motivated and energetic throughout the day. We were addicted to bad habits because we gave time for that. Just imagine, what happens when we shift that time slowly towards good habits?
Wonderful! Isn’t it?

What is good and bad?
I must tell you, everything will be good when it is in the limit but when it crosses limit then definitely it will become bad.
How to come out of these bad habits?
Before four years, one of my friends was addicted to something. People treated him differently and his parents were worried about him. But recently I met him at the bus stand and guess what? He is a completely different person now.
I asked him, “How is this possible?”

He replied, “I made my mind that’s all and I feel I am experiencing my life now.”
That was amazing! Happy to see him like this. Now, he is working in a bank and moreover he is a healthy person.
Never lose yourself in this big battle. Every day you must be mentally prepared for this and every day you must fight to bring a better person from you. Suddenly, we can only expect accidents, shocks, and heart attacks but not good things. Sudden things will always damage our body because our body was not prepared for that. Good things take time. Just like our muscle growth and body growth take time as it needed to give a healthy body. It is possible when we go with a slow process and you can see many living examples of peoples who left their bad habits. They changed their habits because they thought one day they can do this. It is not impossible as well. 
Bad habits may be a pleasure for you, it may be another world for you, and it may be everything for you. But think about your loved ones and you are everything for them. Their eyes only expecting you and they depend on you. If any habit stealing your happiness, separating you from this world, and separating you from yourself. 


What is the reason to be addicted to that habit?

Thank you for your time,


Blackvillan said…
Feel free to share your thoughts and please share this with your loved ones.
Newtan said…
Addiction of good habits is good, but it's not true for bad habits. We should never fall for bad habits as they can ruin our life. At the same time a person with bad habits can change his life if decides to do so.
Blackvillan said…
Yes, well said friend. Thank you friend.

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