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Best Friends Whenever

Best Friends Whenever

Think about, two best friends. 

What made them close?

They may be likeminded people so their opinions and interests match with each other. They appreciate themselves and support each other in difficult times. They feel free to share personal things, and they care for each other. Of course, they share love, and they trust each other. 

‘He is like me’, is a good thing but ‘He belongs to me’ is not a good thing. Everyone has their own life, and they will never love to bind themselves to anybody. When we expect someone is only for us, then every wrong possible things can happen. One day, they may be the best buddies but now they don’t want to see their faces. Love turns into hate. This is all because of the misunderstanding between them. When the trust level is high then even small mistakes will look big. They can be hurt by small misunderstandings because they believe strongly in them. This creates a wall between them and it grows every day. When there is no conversation then that silence will give a different meaning. But what we think in our mind is not visible for anyone. If we don’t convey our thoughts to the person in front of us then, this will be the worst thing ever. Because even if they want to mingle with us also, but our silence does not alloy them. 

Nobody wants to hate anyone in this world.

Why do they want to hate anyone?

The solution to this is discussion but not in anger but peace. Anger attaches us to selfishness and love liberates us from that selfishness. Anger makes us think that problems in our view but love makes us think that in a different view. Love is a wonderful dimension of our mind and it understands the situation. 

When you see a baby, you will never hate that baby because babies don’t know how to hate you. When you realize everything loves you, then there is no reason for hate anyone. 

See plants with love,
See animals with love,
See humans with love and,
See the whole world with love. 

This should start within us and by us. Because this dimension of view can benefit the whole world. 

Thank you for your time,           


Blackvillan said…
Feel free to share your thoughts and please share this to your loved ones.
Newtan said…
Yeah, sometime when two people trust each other, they become possessive that turns their love and trust into hate. Both should understand that both have different life. In case, if some misunderstanding happens, the best solution is to talk peacefully and sort out the misunderstanding. And of course, HATE is a burden.
Blackvillan said…
Thank you for your thoughts friend.

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