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Motivated at Work| Motivational articles 2020|

Motivated at Work What makes us stay motivated? And 
What will push us towards our dreams?
Many times we fail to carry that motivation and that is the gap that can affect our growth. We may forget what we learned. So, we must not give a chance for these gaps. Don’t fall into this trap. Whatever may be the situation, try to walk towards your goal and that is the way which keeps us pushing daily.
For the last month, I was postponing my work. This stress killed me daily. Every minute I suffered when I remember those works. These lead to overthinking and results in unsatisfied life. This will make us sad throughout the day. With a heavy mind, it is difficult to lift ourselves.
I was frustrated. I said myself one day, “enough is enough”.
With dedication, I started to work and I noticed it was easy to tackle this when we work. Because everyday little feeling enters our mind that “This is possible” and that feeling will take us near to our goal. Daily we learn something new and which makes us bett…
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Motivation for Work| Motivational articles 2020|

Motivation for Work  Sometimes my mobile phone hangs up. At that time nothing works better than restarting it. “Switching off and switching on” makes my phone working. 
Is this not the same with our minds as well?
Sometimes, we don’t have the motivation for work. When we tired of our daily routine it is impossible to expect some productive thoughts from our minds. Our brain will be stuck in a situation of doing nothing because of routine works. So, it is very important to make our body lively. This is possible when we take a break from our daily routine works.    
I agree, routine work is our main course, but we must have some side dish that adds even more flavor to our dish. It is time to fill new energy for our body to work even better. It is time to experience some change and it is the time to open up you to this world. 
Visit new places and meet new people because new thoughts make you happy and make your mind fresh. Rainwater dissolves so many minerals in it, and then it will be worth…

Things Successful People Do

Things Successful People Do Gaining knowledge is very important and it is the only thing which can make us moving in this world. Just imagine, you are doing something new.  Then, what will you do? You read every possible article on the internet, you search every video on that topic, and you ask every person who is knowledgeable in that field. The choice is yours because this information can give you both courage and fear. By listening failures, you may leave that or you may drop that plan in the middle.  What are success and failure? Both are work and efforts towards a particular thing. Failure of a person refers to us, he tried it, and he failed to complete it. This is his work and effort. What is a big thing in it? The work approach may differ from person to person. If I give the same topic for a hundred people to write an essay and I will get a hundred different opinions on the same topic. This is because of the different viewpoints, and because of these views only, one can succeed or fa…

Best Friends Whenever

Best Friends Whenever
Think about, two best friends. 
What made them close?
They may be likeminded people so their opinions and interests match with each other. They appreciate themselves and support each other in difficult times. They feel free to share personal things, and they care for each other. Of course, they share love, and they trust each other. 
‘He is like me’, is a good thing but ‘He belongs to me’ is not a good thing. Everyone has their own life, and they will never love to bind themselves to anybody. When we expect someone is only for us, then every wrong possible things can happen. One day, they may be the best buddies but now they don’t want to see their faces. Love turns into hate. This is all because of the misunderstanding between them. When the trust level is high then even small mistakes will look big. They can be hurt by small misunderstandings because they believe strongly in them. This creates a wall between them and it grows every day. When there is no conversatio…

The Addict

The Addict
When we attach ourselves strongly to something, then it makes us unable to leave that thing. But the problem starts when that addiction makes us so weak, unhealthy, and it becomes our world. Many people made their mind like that they can’t live without those habits. I am not talking about anyone single bad habit, according to me; any thought which is disturbing you mentally every day is also a bad habit.
Yesterday, I was reading Harvard Medical school article which explains ‘How addiction hijacks the brain’. There mentioned, in 1930’s researchers found the cause for addiction was a lack of will power in people. But today we see addiction as a chronic disease that changes both brain structure and function.  [Source:-] How can anybody overcome this? It is possible only when we can take strong decisions. Bad habits are not part of us rather they are just part of our mind. When we think like this then …

Mood Swings

Mood Swings
School days are wonderful for me and one of my favorite parts is drawing competition. Our school was conducting drawing competitions, twice a year, and we were all excited about that. Sometimes teachers used to give us topics about what we have to draw and sometimes it is on our own. Most of the time, the competition was arranged in the school garden.
When the competition starts, I always used to go to a peaceful place where no one can disturb me. I try to find a beautiful place where everything looks wonderful for me and then only my mind works well on the paper. My drawing teacher observed me doing this. After that test, he asked me, “Why you choose the place other than the garden?”
I explained that “I wanted a peaceful comfortable place to think and work on my drawing”.
My teacher replied, “And you will not get this every time. Be prepared for difficult things. Get out from the comfort zone and everything will be magical”. 
That day, I think about that and it was true to me.…

How to Deal with Difficult People

How to Deal with Difficult People
You may be living a happy life and you may be in the path of achieving, what you are dreamed of. You may be working hard for that and trying some new things every day. Even though you believe in what you are doing but people will say different things. Some may blame you, some may criticize you and some may advise you to quit what you are doing. At some point, you will doubt yourself. The joy when you started your work will not remain the same. Your confidence is now occupied by fear and your decisions will be blind. 
Then, How to Deal with Difficult People?
Let me share with you some incidents. My friends and I were watching a cricket match at my home. At that time the situation of the match is like this, bowlers were in the upper hand, and batsmen were struggling to get runs. We were five members watching that match and five different opinions were wondering in that room. We were commenting on each ball of the match. 
Let me share some of those comments,